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Professional automotive differential services in Cairns 

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The differential unit of a motor vehicle allows the driven wheels (front or rear) to turn at different speeds whilst still maintaining drive. This is crucial to cornering and steering, especially on front or all wheel drive vehicles. If the differential, or final drive as it is also called, doesn’t function correctly, it can result in damage to other driveline parts such as the transmission and tyres. Common problems with differential units are noises - usually a droning whine that increases with vehicle speed and clunking when taking up the drive.

Differential units are subject to incredible stresses and forces upon their moving parts. It is essential therefore that they are set up and “pre loaded” correctly using precise measuring tools. Our highly skilled technicians are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of differential overall and repair. We only use quality parts, such as bearings gaskets and seals, in the repair and overhaul of differential units. This highly specialised service is not something that every auto repair shop can offer and customers should only entrust this kind of work to the experts.

Don’t trust your differential repairs or overhaul to anyone but the experts in differential services. Call us today on 07 4031 0855 for a competitive quote.

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