hunter automotive car on the raised platform

Expert dyno tuning services in Cairns

Modern motor vehicles have evolved into extremely complex machines over the last few decades as manufacturers have increasingly utilised electronic technology. Most engines now use electronic fuel injection and electronic engine management. Many of these components and sensors are only triggered when the engine is under load, making it extremely difficult to diagnose faults whilst the vehicle is parked in the repair shop.

Dyno tuning for both economy and performance is the solution to this problem. The vehicle can be driven under simulated road conditions and subjected to all the forces that act upon the engine’s electronic management systems without it leaving the workshop. The main advantage of dyno tuning is that any type of diagnostic equipment can be hooked up to the cars systems and monitored in total safety.

Hunter Automotive is the expert in electronic engine management diagnostics using dyno tuning technology. All of our technicians are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of fault diagnosis and rectification. Using dyno tuning, we are able to accurately and economically diagnose and repair engine management issues that would otherwise take up more time. The upside of this is an overall saving in chargeable labour, consequently making savings we are able to pass onto our customers.

Hunter Automotive is the expert in dyno tuning, electronic engine management, and electronic fuel injection. If you need to resolve electronic issues with your car, you should talk to us on 07 4031 0855.

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